I was going to suggest the same thing. I've called Chorus Jig as a triplet. B-2 
just has the 1's swing down to the bottom of the set. I've used this dance in a 
family dance/barn dance type situation with no problems.. It certainly teaches 
the contra corners figure.


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If you ever do triplets at your dance, you could teach the figure in a triplet 
first.  Ted's Triplet #7 uses it, if I recall correctly.

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I’d make sure that the dancers had already successfully danced every other move 
in the dance you want to call with contra corners. That way you could focus on 
the contra corners and the dancers would understand where they would be at the 
beginning and end of the move.

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> Hi all, first time posting here!
> I'm new-ish to calling and I've yet to call contra corners. I think I'm up 
> for the challenge and could teach the figure itself, but I still think it's a 
> tricky one for dancers in all but the most experienced crowds. A few callers 
> I know have advised me to build up to a challenging figure like contra 
> corners over the course of an evening by calling dances that echo the skills 
> the dancers will need later.
> With that in mind, what dances would you call early in the evening in a 
> mixed-level group that would help "teach" dancers the skills they need to be 
> successful at contra corners?
> I've been thinking I should include an easy proper-ish dance, and maybe a 
> dance with allemandes outside the minor set... anything else come to mind?
> Thanks in advance,
> Hannah Chamberlain
> Westbrook, ME
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