I taught a workshop on this exact topic. I'll send you my notes when next
I'm at my computer. (Saturday, perhaps).


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> I would like to teach some of my more advanced dancers some flourishes or
> other embellishments to contra dance. I'd like to  start with things that
> are easy and obviously that can be smoothly integrated into a dance.
> Simpler is better and I am especially looking for "extras" that can be
> done singly rather than within a couple. For example, simply twirling
> during a do-si-do, or little "meanwhile" things you can do while waiting
> out as your partner allemandes with their diagonal.
> I've found some YouTube videos, but they tend to be for more elaborate
> technique than I am interested in introducing at this time.
> Thanks for any thoughts, tips, support, or warnings! :)
> Lenore Frigo

Jerome Grisanti

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