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  For one, Kexi is currently covered by api.kde.org, just not explicitely 
listed on https://api.kde.org/other.php (similar to krita).
  @ochurlaud  Do you have access to that page and could add Kexi & Krita there?
  Kexi: https://api.kde.org/bundled-apps-api/kexi-apidocs/
  Krita: https://api.kde.org/bundled-apps-api/krita-apidocs/
  Now, there is not much content right now on the kexi pages. That is, because 
AFAIK those api dox pages are still generated by the old kdelibs doxygen 
scripts. Which organize things by the Mainpage.dox files they find in the repo. 
And do that in a way, that if they find a Mainpage.dox file in a folder, they 
will ignore content in any sibling folders below the next Mainpage.dox file at 
a higher level, unless there is a Mainpage.dox file in the sibling as well, 
which then would span a group of api dox for that section (image a tree of with 
Mainpage.dox files as nodes, and for the leaf nodes there is a separate api dox 
 section generated for any code in the folder starting at that leaf 
  So the file src/widget/undo/Mainpage.dox is masking any other dirs with code 
right now, resulting in the content visible on the linked pages.
  A fix would be to remove widget/undo/Mainpage.dox. That should result in 
apidox coverage for everything in src/ again (and that is not in EXCLUDE in 
  If you would like grouping per subfolder of src, add Mainpage.dox files into 
each of those direct subfolders, as new leafs to the Mainpage.dox tree :)
  All this is for complete API dox of the complete sources code, targetted at 
contributors. Which is a separate purpose to what the current redesign of 
api.kde.org targets on, which is documenting the public API of KDE products, so 
targetting 3rd-party developers of libraries with published API (which of 
course can also be KDE 3rd-parties, when using other KDE products in own 
  Where to put the "old style" content of api.kde.org (so anything e.g. at 
https://api.kde.org/other.php but also https://api.kde.org/history4.php), so 
the documentation targettted at project contributors, that is still open to 
  For the libs in the "calligra" repo since the port there is no published API 
yet again, noone has looked into making the installed headers usable (and thus 
they are not even installed ATM). So no use to be on "new" api.kde.org right 
  No idea about Kexi, does kexi itself install libs with a public API?



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