Thanks for bringing this up again! I've pushed out what I have so far,
but not your latest suggestions (you had some more in an earlier mail,

If you have a Github account I can give you (and anyone else who wants
to contribute) push-access. I'm a little busy at the moment, but I'll
try to fix it as soon as possible.

//Magnus Holm

On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 01:22, Dave Everitt <> wrote:
> I added some basic material to the GitHub Camping Wiki (new pages):
> ...because I'm starting with a vanilla OS X Leopard install (new MacBook)
> and - finally - Camping 1.9, and I thought it would be a good test run to go
> through the setup and tutorial process in the 'Camping book':
> to find any gotchas.
> Only one (in my setup) - on 'Wrapping it up', in the Controllers:
>  class Pages
> needs the explicit
>  class Pages < R '/'
> to show the pages... anyone not have the same issue?
> Thinking about existing stuff, some time ago Magnus wrote:
>> As for the documentation ideas, I've already implemented the templates in
>> RDoc, so "rake docs" builds all the three parts (the book is simply files in
>> the book directory). I still need to make a way to link book chapters from
>> the reference, but at least it's working. A Camping app can be useful when
>> you want to edit it, so you don't need to run the rake task all the time.
> The book dir on GitHub doesn't have all the current content found at:
> or in the Camping install (unless I'm daft, which is possible) so where can
> the current book files be obtained?
>> I guess we could also implement it as a wiki, which might be better. Then
>> we can't have it on (unless we can change the
>> DNS-settings) though since it only allows static files. What do you think? I
>> prefer having everything in files, and I think those who really want to
>> contribute to the book wouldn't mind a "git clone"...
> I don't think there was a response at the time Magnus wrote this, so (given
>, which would be a separate exercise): ideas, opinions,
> anyone? Be really good to have updated, and I'm ready
> to pitch in, but how to start?
> Dave Everitt
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