Hi list,

We are running CanFestival on a RPi3 and using code derived from EPOSMachineKit 
for DS302 & DS402 management.  We will need to be able to update the code on 
our custom motor controller boards and in looking at CanFestival I have a 
couple of questions about the interface.
 1st. If I send a writeNetworkDict call for a Domain OD entry with a data size 
of greater than 8 bytes, will CanFestival automatically do a segmented transfer?
 2nd. In the interface spec for the writeNetworkDict calls, the last parameter 
is for a BlockMode, but there really isn't any documentation on what that 
parameter does, and there are no examples that I can find for its use. Are 
there any examples available that show using the BlockMode?


Greg Wilson-Lindberg
Sakura Finetek

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