If you were talking about geodesic distance (i.e., running along the contour of the fiducial surface -- not as the crow flies through the CSF/WM), then you could use the Surface: ROI feature for this purpose. (First operation Geodesic Distance, and then threshold the resulting metric at the desired distance.)

I'm not aware of something like that for 3D distances, but there's a Make Sphere feature in Window: Script Builder. Worst case, you could generate a sphere around the enclosing voxel and map that ROI volume to the surface.

On 11/29/2006 11:18 AM, Mateus Joffily wrote:

In Caret5.5, is there a way of selecting a node and finding all (or some) nodes that are at a given distance from it? I think I am looking for something similar to what is described in section 2.17.2 (Foci Data Searches) of the 'Caret Tutorial – the Basics'. But Section 2.17.2 regards only WebCaret. Does it exist something similar to Caret5.5?

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