Dear CAS people,

Good morning!

I am trying to delegate CAS authentication to Orcid and Facebook and as
such created war file after updating "pom.xml" and "" as
follows: -




and similarly given for Facebook as well but when i am trying to do so i am
getting error with both Orcid and Facebook

*Problem with ORCID: -*

"There has been a problem with the server". If problem persists please
contact ORCID support.  URL which CAS is hitting is "; which seems little
weird to me. I already contacted Orcid support group but according to them
there is no problem at their end and asked me to look into the URL.

*Problem with Facebook: -*

"Sorry something went wrong"*. *URL which CAS is hitting is

I request you to please look into the matter and  let me know in case some
configuration is missing.

Wish you a nice weekend.

Thanks and Regards

Neha Gupta

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