I was looking at this from CASSANDRA-873 as well as hands-on homework (!)
for my OSCON tutorial. Have couple of questions. Would appreciate insights:

A)  Cassandra-873 suggests Luenandra as one demo application
B)  Are there other ideas that will bring out the various aspects of
Cassandra ?
C)  What would be the goal of demo apps ? Tutorial to help folks learn the
ins and outs of Cassandra ? Show case capabilities ? I think Cassandra-873
belongs to the latter; Twissandra most probably belongs to the former.
D)  Hadoop on Cassandra might be a good demo/tutorial
E)  How would one structure the infrastructure for the demo/tutorials ? What
assumptions can we make in creating them ? As AMIs to be run in EC2 ? Also
to be run on 2-3 local machines for folks who can spare some ? Or as
multiple processes - all in one machine ? What is an optimum configuration
for learning and demo ? We need to make it simple (to reflect the domain)
but not simpler.
F)  Am looking for ideas from developers and users - hence the cross
posting. I hope apache mailer is smart enough to dedup - will find it soon


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