There are several large data sets on the net you could use to build. Demo with.
Search logs, wikipedia, uk govt stuff
Dbpedia may be interesting as they have some of the stuff extracted out

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On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 1:55 PM, Krishna Sankar <> wrote:
I was looking at this from CASSANDRA-873 as well as hands-on homework (!) for my OSCON tutorial. Have couple of questions. Would appreciate insights:

A)  Cassandra-873 suggests Luenandra as one demo application
B)  Are there other ideas that will bring out the various aspects of
Cassandra ?

multi-user blog (single-user is too easy :)
- extra credit: with full-text search using lucandra

discussion forum
- also w/ FTS

C) What would be the goal of demo apps ? Tutorial to help folks learn the ins and outs of Cassandra ? Show case capabilities ? I think Cassandra-873 belongs to the latter; Twissandra most probably belongs to the former.

I think you nailed it.

D)  Hadoop on Cassandra might be a good demo/tutorial

Sure, I'll buy that.

I can't think of any standalone projects for that, but "compute a
twissandra tag cloud" would be pretty cool.  (Might need to write a
twissandra bot to load stuff in to make an interesting cloud. :)

E) How would one structure the infrastructure for the demo/ tutorials ? What
assumptions can we make in creating them ? As AMIs to be run in EC2 ?

I'd probably go with "virtualbox images" as being simpler for people
who don't have an AWS key already.  (VB can read vmware player images,
i think.  But there is no free vmware for OS X, so you'd want to check
that before going w/ vmware format.)

Or just have people d/l cassandra and a configuration xml.  Probably
easier than teaching people to use virtualbox who haven't before.

to be run on 2-3 local machines for folks who can spare some ? Or as
multiple processes - all in one machine ?

You're not going to have time to teach cluster management. Keep it to 1.

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