I collated a list of public data last year,  you can check out

I use VirtualBox when on Mac. It's free and it's trivial to create your own

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>> > E)  How would one structure the infrastructure for the demo/tutorials ?
>> What
>> > assumptions can we make in creating them ? As AMIs to be run in EC2 ?
>> I'd probably go with "virtualbox images" as being simpler for people
>> who don't have an AWS key already.  (VB can read vmware player images,
>> i think.  But there is no free vmware for OS X, so you'd want to check
>> that before going w/ vmware format.)
> VirtualBox runs on Mac just fine and from the user manual:
> VirtualBox also fully supports the popular and open VMDK container format
> that is used by many other virtualization products, in particular, by
> VMware.3
> ... so that should be OK for Mac.
> Cheers,
> Chris

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