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I'd be interested in hearing opinions from the Catalyst community on the best managed hosting. We run a Catalyst-based web service and are currently on several self-managed dedicated hosts at SoftLayer. I can't praise SoftLayer enough, but in the interest of sanity we'd like to move to a fully, Fully, *FULLY* managed setup so that we can focus on our App instead of routine sysadmin stuff.


Searching the list archives for "hosting" comes up with a lot of links to the best shared or VPS plans under $50/month. We're talking more like $1000+/month for our needs. At this point, it's all about the quality and reliability of service - not price.

Hmmm.... be careful saying this aloud, as some will happily put lipstick on a pig and call it something else.

So what's you recommendation for absolutely bullet-proof hosting that let's you sleep at night? I'm talking pro-active monitoring, upgrades, patches, backups, redundancy setup, architecture planning and growth. Everything you might need. Staff that understands why you'd need Nginx or Lighttpd in front and what FastCGI is. People that can handle tuning Postgres instead of just slapping MySQL with a stock config on your box.

Well, on the hardware side, this is generally not hard, though enterprise class folks will charge you significantly for this. We were looking to host linux clusters for some of our customers (with our Catalyst app atop it), and simply wanted good monitoring/support. Local to us (Midwest USA) is Secure-24 (www.secure-24.com). I met their CEO and toured their facility. Haven't seen them in support action, and we haven't placed anything at their site yet, but it does look promising, and we are pointing some of our customers to them.

On the software side, there are lots of folks who do take the "easy" way out. I am not sure most of the companies will grasp the whats/whys of this. As long as you lay out your plan, and give them sensible marching orders, they don't have to drink the koolaid, just pour it for you, and make sure it keeps flowing.

Joe Landman

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