Matt Trout wrote:
>> Rackspace is immensely popular, but I'm worried that people are just 
>> comparing them to crap hosts that put cPanel on a white box and call 
>> that managed.  I trust you guys/gals and your experiences a great deal 
>> more than a forum like WHT!
>Rackspace are, in my experience of clients using them, a complete pain.
>The supported OS is a customised RHEL4. It goes downhill from there.

Rackspace are okay. I've used them (mainly for credibility) and when a
customer team lead wanted Debian they (grudgingly) offered it - without full
support. They can also be bargained down a long way off their high initial
price. I've no problem with RHEL because that's what many corporates want
and expect.

TBH if I had a budget for "fanatically managed support" I would go with
Shadowcat Systems since you guys already support an ISP and I *know* you
know what you're doing.

Internally we've used and sysadmin the boxes ourselves because
I've a background as a sysadmin. As you amusingly pointed out, they're cheap
and "their support is as crap as everyone else's". Heh ;^)

Regards, Peter

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