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So what's you recommendation for absolutely bullet-proof hosting that let's you sleep at night? I'm talking pro-active monitoring, upgrades, patches, backups, redundancy setup, architecture planning and growth. Everything you might need. Staff that understands why you'd need Nginx or Lighttpd in front and what FastCGI is. People that can handle tuning Postgres instead of just slapping MySQL with a stock config on your box.

I would recommend Make-Tracks Secure Hosting, but I'm biased (I work there).


We use a co-lo facility in Sydney, but have access data to centres around the world. And we are a small company but we focus on customer requirements and quality service rather than just trying to fill the racks.

We started as a shared hosting provider, but most of our customers have outgrown that and our focus has been moving to managed hosting. If you want to know more, feel free to contact me at <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.


Thanks Charlie, we'll keep you in mind!

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