Octavian (and others)

Here's a quick update.

We created a github repo over here 
(https://github.com/perl-catalyst/2012-Advent-Staging) so feel free to fork and 
send PR and I'll find a way to get it onto the subversion repo.  I updated my 
previous blog about this 
(see http://jjnapiorkowski.typepad.com/modern-perl/2012/12/update-on-the-status-of-catalyst-advent-2012-.html)

I've gotten a few commits for this. and will try to crank out one myself 

If anyone else sent me articles, my apology, I had some things going on last 
week but am going to get the email cleared up sometime today and I will copy 
stuff over the the github repo, so you can take a look over there and make sure 
I got it right!


> From: Octavian Rasnita <orasn...@gmail.com>
>To: John Napiorkowski <jjn1...@yahoo.com>; The elegant MVC web framework 
>Sent: Saturday, December 1, 2012 2:44 AM
>Subject: Re: [Catalyst] Its time for Advent again
>Hi John,
>I have sent you a message with articles attached but I haven't received any 
>message from you, so I don't know if they reached your mailbox.
>It's December 1st, but I can still see "The calendar has been retired." 
>message on the page:
>It's the advent calendar really abandoned?
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>Subject: [Catalyst] Its time for Advent again
>Hey everyone,
>Here's a copy of a blog post I did announcing calls for advent articles:
>So last year wasn't the most spectacular Perl Catalyst Advent we've ever had. 
>Lets see if we can do better this go around! In order to assist, here's a few 
>thoughts on simple articles you can do:
>* Take any old article and modernize it...
>* ...or show an alternative approach.
>* Elaborate or improve on an idea you've previously written about in a blog, 
>or that you read about in some else's blog.
>* Cools things you can do now that Catalyst is Plack at the core.
>* Alternatives to using the stash to pass data around.
>* Examples of applications not using Template Toolkit or DBIx::Class
>* Examples of using Catalyst with other frameworks such as Web-Simple and 
>* Examples of testing, especially anything using Behavior Driven techniques 
>(think rspec or cucumber).
>Alternatively we don't need tech oriented articles. I'd be really happy to see 
>some people write something from a business or planning perspective. For 
>example, if you are a CTO or person in planning, something about how you used 
>Catalyst effectively to rapidly meet business goals would be very helpful. Or 
>if someone wanted to look at the results of the recent poll and perform some 
>interesting analysis, I think the community would love to see that.
>Lets get it rolling!
>What I didn't announce via the blog is that if we don't get enough commitment, 
>it would be better to not do a catalyst only advent article, and just combine 
>our submissions over the one of the general Perl Advent calendars.
>Having a poor showing in our advent calendar doesn't send the right message 
>and it would be better to have a one or two in a popular and full calendar 
>than a bunch of empty dates on ours.
>Lets here your thoughts on the matter!
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