On Tue, Dec 04, 2012 at 03:37:31PM -0800, Bill Moseley wrote:
> I've always used href="[% c.uri_for( ... ) | html  %]"

I can see a few issues when using ?a=b&c=d type of URL parameters[1], but
this is not usually what you do with Catalyst, so let's set this aside
for the moment. Your suggestion is XHTML compatible, which is good, but
maybe not enough.

My problem is quite simple, let's use your approach (which will avoid
XHTML warnings).

My template:

[% v = a | url %]
<p>test 1: <a href="[% c.uri_for(c.controller.action_for('object'), [ v ]) | 
html %]">[% a | html %]</a></p>
<p>test 2: <a href="[% c.uri_for(c.controller.action_for('object'), [ a ]) | 
html %]">[% a | html %]</a></p>

The 'a' stash variable is set as:

sub toto :Global {
   my ($self, $c) = @_;

   $c->stash('a' => "a=b&c%34 '"); # ends with space apostroph

The result I get (stray HTML excerpt -- your mail client might
corrupt this):

<p>test 1: <a 

<p>test 2: <a 

>From above:

   - only doing | url manually and then | html encodes the % character
     correctly, just doing | html after uri_for() is not enough -- funny is
     that the space character *is* encoded correctly by uri_for(), but not
     the % character.

   - neither of uri_for(), url or html does anything for the apostroph, which
     was already mentionned on the mailing-list -- I never use ' as a
     HTML quote anyway.

Can you reproduce this with your version of Catalyst ?  Maybe mine has
a specific bug and I should upgrade. This is not a security problem, it's
more a data passthrough issue.

PS: Aristotle Pagaltzis's idea of uri_for() could be a work-around for the
    non-encoding of some of the dangerous characters such as %, however
    a more general solution should be handy, e.g. fix uri_for() ?

[1] specifically if you want a to be b&c=d. Should be either encoded as
    ?a=b%26c=d or double-encoded as ?a=b&amp;amp;c=d. I would prefer
    the former.

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