On 23/02/2012, at 12:30 PM, Charlie Garrison wrote:

> Good afternoon,
> On 22/02/12 at 10:48 AM -0800, Louis Erickson <lerick...@rdwarf.net> wrote:
>> Which suggests there is, indeed a bug, as there's a Makefile.PL in the same 
>> directory as lib, right where catalyst.pl put it.
>> Given the additional information you provided, it's possible for someone 
>> else to debug this and maybe help solve the problem.
> I'm far from understanding the internals in this case, but I think it's the 
> Makefile that's wanted, not Makefile.PL. Try running `perl Makefile.PL` to 
> create the Makefile.
> Of course, those who understand better might want to clarify/correct that.

Nope it's the Makefile.PL that's required.

My understanding was that a recent release of catalyst had a bug that meant 
that the scripts couldn't infer the location of the app's lib directory.  It 
seems to be fixed in version 5.90010 as per this changes file:

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