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I was just looking at Octavian Rasnita's 9 part contribution to the Advent

This is exactly what I needed when I was learning Catalyst, and would have
made it a lot easier.

I would love to see this approach carried out to a larger book for beginners
and this article added to the main Catalyst Documentation area on CPAN.

Thank you John. I'm glad you found my approach useful. It is a slower way to teach something step by step, but I like that way because it doesn't assume that some things are known beforehand, but they are explained step by step. Yes, I am thinking to write a Catalyst book for beginners, but for the moment is just an idea. (We all know that Catalyst is the most used Perl web framework, but I don't know for sure how much interest still is in Catalyst these days. I am thinking to how many days remained without articles in Catalyst advent last year, and this year also...)

A book that shows how to use Catalyst as we use it these days should also explain at least a little other modules like Moose, DBIC, Template-Toolkit, FormFu, Plack, because there are no books for them, (but only for Template-Toolkit), and without knowing those modules, it will appear that Catalyst is very hard to understand. All of them have good POD documentation, but Catalyst also has POD documentation, however that documentation is mostly a kind of reference, but a book is usually prefered by a beginner, because it doesn't just tell how to do the things, but it also tell why to do it that way and not in a different way.

I have sent the articles for the Catalyst advent in POD format, and if they are considered good enough, I would be glad if they will be added in the CPAN Catalyst documentation.


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