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Hi John and thank you again.

 I'd really like to see a project to gather up, modernize and peer
review all the best / informative Advent articles of years past, and we could
it together as an open source project on github (similarly to the way the
Modern Perl book is done). Crafting an ebook would be
 straightforward, even if we didn't have a publisher. We could version
it and update it from time to time as well.
We could even put it on some various ebook sites and charge a small fee, to
try and raise some money for the project.

I mean, if we are talking about existing articles only, I think that even a
beginner can read and Catalyst advent articles from
previous years.

I guess my thinking is some of the older articles that are good are also pre Moose and pre PSGI. I figured modernizing them and having
people review it for modern practices would make them more valuable.

Yes, this is true. "modernizing" is the key word as you said in your original message, but I skipped it. Maybe it can be a good idea to present the modernized article, and also add a link in it to the old article, to make more obvious what is changing, and what's the benefit (because it wouldn't be helpful to just tell that now we should use "use Moose; extends '...';" instead of just "use parent '...'".

But... maybe it could be also helpful to modernize Catalyst modules on CPAN, because some of them use Moose, and some of them don't and some helpers generate models that use Moose and others generate models that don't use it, and this may be a little confusing for newbies.

And yes, I think you are right about the reasons of not too much contribution in
the last period...

Maybe it would require a smaller effort to just create a page with links to the recommended articles, and I think the recommended articles for a beginner should be those who allow him to create a web site with little effort, not the best
posible which may be hard to understand by a beginner.

No doubt, we could easily do that!

OK, I visited Catalyst Advent, and I made a list of articles which I think that may be helpful. Some of them need to be modernized. Here below is the list. It is a kind of vote for them. The other list members can also give their vote pro or against and also express their opinions or propose other articles. It could be helpful if somebody can make a list of articles from main Catalyst web site that might be also included (eventually modernized). I don't know how many of the Catalyst developers would have the time to do that modernization though...

(2005) Catalyst Advent - Day 11 - Caching

(2007) Making your Catalyst App Cache-friendly

(2010) Painless Memcached Configuration With Catalyst & DBIx::Class

(2005) Catalyst Advent - Day 15 - Sessions

(2005) Catalyst Advent - Day 16 - Adding RSS feeds

If there are better ways to add an RSS feed, it should be modernized.

(2005) Catalyst Advent - Day 18 - Catalyst::View::TT

(2005) Catalyst Advent - Day 19 - Testing

(2006) Day 7 - Testing with an External Web Server

(2006) Day 17 - Testing Catalyst Controllers

Eventually create a single big article or a serie of articles regarding testing.

(2005) Catalyst Advent - Day 22 - Action Types

(2005) Catalyst Advent - Day 23 - Static::Simple

(2009) Delivering Static Media with Catalyst

(2006) Day 1 - Getting started with Catalyst and Subversion

Maybe it can be modernized to use distributed source control systems like git and mercurial.

(2006) Day 2 - Handel

(2007) A Future Look at Mango

(2006) Day 3 - The Layout of a Catalyst Application

(2006) Day 9 - Web Services with Catalyst::Action::REST

(2009) Writing REST web services with Catalyst::Controller::REST

(2006) Day 10 - The Chained Dispatch Type

(2006) Day 13 - Adding Custom Headers

(2006) Day 18 - I18N

(2010) Internationalising Catalyst, Part 1

(2010) Internationalising Catalyst, Part 2

(2006) Day 24 - The Catalyst Community


(2007) Application Design Techniques

(2007) Catalyst + Open Flash Chart: Fancy graphs with minimal fuss

(2008) Making sparklines with Chart::Clicker


(2007) Adding Authentication to your Catalyst App

(2007) Inline Authentication Without Redirection

(2008) Progressive Authentication with Catalyst (Using OpenID)

(2011) Login, Authorization and User Administration

(2007) local::lib and Catalyst

(2007) Day 13 - $c->uri_for fun and profit

(2007) Catalyst Configuration: A to Z

(2008) Day 10. Dealing with Config::General's inability to provide single item arrays.

(2009) Configuration layouts

(2007) Advanced Search in web DBIx::Class based applications (with tags, full text search and searching by location)

(2007) HTML::FormFu - Handles forms, so you don't have to

(2007) DBIx::Class::Tutorial::Part1

(2007) Using plain classes as Catalyst models

(2008) Catalyst and nginx

(2008) Making Catalyst Sites Shine with Varnish

(2008) Day 8. Some notes on ACCEPT_CONTEXT, with and without antlers.

(2008) Custom URL styles with CatalystX::CRUD

(2011) Easy CRUD for your Catalyst App

(2008) Day 16. Catalyst 5.80

(2008) WrapCGI: in your Catalyst app.

(2009) Running CGI Scripts Under Catalyst

(2009) Loadable Traits for Catalyst Components

(2009) How DBIx::Class::ResultSet::WithMetaData can help keep your controllers clean

(2009) Keeping Your Model Reusable

(2011) Get fat this Christmas

(2009) A Tour of DBIx::Class::Helpers

(2009) An HTTP API in 5 minutes

(2009) An AJAX CRUD Interface with Catalyst and jQuery

(2010) Getting Started with Catalyst and jQuery (and jQuery UI)

(2009) Plack - A Fantastic Layer To Make Your App Deployment Easier

(2010) Creating an Easy to Manage Search Engine with Catalyst and ElasticSearch

(2010) Adding Simple Excel Support

(2010) Input Verification with Data::Manager

(2010) Creating reusable actions with Moose::Role - an example

(2010) Moose::Role, Moose::Util and DBIx::Class based Models (multiaction revisited)

(2011) The ControllerRole ChainAction Massacre (Part 1)

(2011) The ControllerRole ChainAction Massacre (Part 2)

(2012) Action Roles for cleaner, less stashy Catalyst Actions

(2010) Access the Twitter API through Catalyst

(2010) Integrating Facebook into your Catalyst application

(2011) 2011 Reflections - 5.90 and beyond.

The modules discussed in that article can be helpful to be presented...

(2011) Checking for leaks in MyApp.

(2011) Keep your libraries organized

(2011) Deploy Catalyst Applications with Starman and Apache

(2011) A Git Tutorial

(2012) Catalyst in 9 steps

...and the other 8 articles of this serie.

(2012) Dynamic forms with HTML::FormFu


(2012) HTML::FormHandler & jQuery Validator

(2012) Combining assets


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