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Hi John and thank you again.

I'd really like to see a project to gather up, modernize and peer review all the best / informative Advent articles of years past, and we could gather it together as an open source project on github (similarly to the way the Modern Perl book is done). Crafting an ebook would be straightforward, even if we didn't have a publisher. We could version it and update it from time to time as well. We could even put it on some various ebook sites and charge a small fee, to try and raise some money for the project.

Do you think it can be helpful enough?

I mean, if we are talking about existing articles only, I think that even a beginner can read and Catalyst advent articles from previous years.

And yes, I think you are right about the reasons of not too much contribution in the last period...

Maybe it would require a smaller effort to just create a page with links to the recommended articles, and I think the recommended articles for a beginner should be those who allow him to create a web site with little effort, not the best posible which may be hard to understand by a beginner.


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