This afternoon at about 1:00pm, while running errands on the last day of our 
holiday break, Diane and I spotted what looked like an Adult NORTHERN SHRIKE 
(no binocs) perched atop a small tree in the yard to the South of the HSBC Bank 
located at the Mitchell Street/Ellis Hollow Road and Judd Falls Road/Pine Tree 
Road light. This was immediately opposite the WVBR Radio Station at 957 
Mitchell Street. The bird stayed atop that small tree for a few minutes, then 
flew to the NW about 50 yards to another small tree closer to the stand of 
White Pines at the back entrance to Rite Aid. After a few more minutes, the 
bird flew again to the NW to the more scrubby back lot to the NW of the Rite 
Aid building (near where the old Courtside Fitness Center parking used to be), 
which is where we left it when we had to get going.

Maybe this bird will stick around the way some of the others have been doing.

Good luck and good birding!

Chris T-H
Christopher T. Tessaglia-Hymes
TARU Product Line Manager and Field Applications Engineer
Bioacoustics Research Program, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
159 Sapsucker Woods Road, Ithaca, New York 14850
W: 607-254-2418   M: 607-351-5740   F: 607-254-1132


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