On 9 March in the flock of Snow Geese estimated by Chris Wood et al at 123K at the north end of Cayuga Lake, viewed from Lower Lake Rd, Bridgeport, Town of Seneca Falls I noted several yellow neck collars with 4-digit letter/number combinations. I reported the info and learned that all were female Greater Snow Geese banded as adults, several from Bylot Island in August 2008 & 2010, and one from the south shore of the St. Lawrence River about 50 miles downstream from Quebec City in May 2007. It's fascinating to learn about where and when these birds have met people before. I wonder if there have been other reports of the same individuals, and if we could access that information. I saw that Chris Wood noted some different collar numbers in his eBird report that day, and I wonder where those individuals were from.
--Dave Nutter

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On Tuesday, 3/26/13, there was a flock of about six hundred snow geese at the D.E.C. pond on Route 20 in
the town of Avon, NY. Four of them had neck collars which I reported to the USGS Banding. I received a report on one bird today. It is a greater snow goose hatched in 2011 or earlier and banded on 8/7/12 on the south plain of Bylot Island.
The coordinates are Latitude: 73.13 and Longitude:-79.83. Bylot Island is off the north end of Baffin Island.

There was just one snow goose at the pond? on Wednesday,at 3:30 p.m. on 3/27/13.


David Prill
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