Yes, dau. Becky & I have been watching the tagged trumpeter swans on Mill pond 
for 2 wks. or longer. Larue St. Clair was by there on the 20th & commented in a 
C'mas note to us that they were trumpeters.
I haven't had time to check my records but I think those wing tag nos. may be 
the same as on a pr. last yr. that we saw at Mud Lock.

Last wk. I counted 71 tundra swans off Frontenac Park. Canadas are flying over 
the house & all around us in greater nos. than in past 3 yrs.. Snows go away 
for a while but return when fields have less snow.

Also on Mill pond have been increasing nos. of redheads (fun watching them 
doing their "water ballet".) Not as many buffles as in the past. We've seen 
more gadwall on both ponds than for several yrs. & down north of Aurora along 
the shore across from the cemetery are the most black ducks we've seen in 5 

Fritzie  ... 1/4+ mi. up the hill from the Mill pond in Union Springs

 Suan Yong on Friday, December 27, 2013 9:20 AM wrote:

In the Union Springs Mill Pond were two swans with yellow wing tags (K33, A21) 
as has been reported earlier in the month, and at risk of becoming the boy who 
cries trumpeter, I think that's what these are:
Have the Union Springs regulars been seeing these, and has anyone reported the 
tags to figure out where they may have come from?

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