I had heard, perhaps incorrectly, that Steve's group's Red-necked Grebe on the 
SFO Montezuma overnight trip was at Van Dyne Spoor Road. At any rate I did not 
see it then, and only found the one at Carncross Roat on 25 May which is when 
eBird reports for it start. I don't think it could've hidden at Carncross Road 
from eBird reporters for over a month, although maybe if it can fly and moved 
from the Morgan Road impoundment or Van Dyne Spoor Road it may have been able 
to remain undetected. I don't know if high waters would've allowed it to swim 
between those places, but I don't think it would've walked, as injured geese 
do. There's been a lot of migration lately, so I'm not convinced this late bird 
is such a long-term visitor or injured bird. Snow Geese, however, typically do 
stay over after being wounded by hunters, and the Snow Goose at Carncross´╗┐, 
even though it can fly now, I would readily believe has convalesced locally. 
But I think grebes aren't supposed to be hunted and so I think they aren't as 
typically injured by hunters. That's my speculation.

--Dave Nutter

On May 29, 2014, at 08:49 PM, Meena Madhav Haribal <m...@cornell.edu> wrote:

> Hi all,
> There was a Red-necked Grebe on April 13 2014 at Carncross road seen by Steve 
> Kress's group. My group which went there five minutes later looked for it, at 
> one point we thought we had it in the scope, but next moment it was gone. And 
> we did not find it again.  After that on and off there have been a few 
> reports of this grebe from the same location. So I think it is the same one 
> for some reasons it is hanging around at Carncross. Perhaps some injury?? 
> What do others think?

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