On our way back from Montezuma this afternoon, Joe Wetmore and I took a
quick detour down Lake Rd towards Long Point Winery to look for short-eared
owls. Caught a quick glimpse, I believe, of Laura Stenzler, but no owls. It
was getting late, so we headed back south on Rt 90. Almost immediately
after making the turn onto the main road, Joe spotted the short-eared owls
in the farm fields on the east side of 90. Not the greatest place to pull
over, but in the quickly waning light, I was able watch one flap across the
field just below the tree-line.

Other highlights included a lot of common goldeneyes seen from the Wells
boathouse, distant views of a large raft of snow geese mid-lake, and at
Montezuma, a harrier and a bald eagle at Tschache Pool, another harrier at
Mays Point Pool, as well as some entertaining muskrats swimming among the
many lodges at Mays.

A great little adventure. The only disappointment was that the Wildlife
Drive was not open. Perhaps I misunderstood that it would be open from
another post on the listerv. Quite the relaxing and beautiful afternoon.


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