We usually have had a pair of RB Nuthatches around for most of the year, 
but not for the last few months. Two days ago, one showed up as part of 
the "irruption."  Looking back at my collection of emails (to the list 
and to ebird,) I see that I actually recorded one banded bird in 2004 
that stayed from Dec to June and possibly was breeding in our yard  (see 
emails copied below.)

Nari Mistry, Ellis Hollow Rd.

===copied From email dated 3/3/2004======

For several years we have had a pair of RedBreasted Nuthatches at our feeders 
throughout the year and sometimes a brood of young in the summer. We always 
wondered whether "our" winter nuthatches moved up north and the breeding pair 
were moving up from further south. Never found their nest, although they always 
fly with food directly into spruces in the backyard.

Last December we found that one of the pair was banded with an alum (USFWS) 
band  on the right leg. Now we had a chance to check whether the same pair 
stayed around to breed.
This week the two have started exploring a wren nestbox hanging in our 
backyard, and we can see that the banded nuthatch is planning to stay around 
for the summer. They are trying to enlarge the small entrance hole sporadically 
while going in and out. Hope they decide to use the nestbox!

Nari & Ginny Mistry
Ellis Hollow Rd., Ithaca

===copied From email dated 6/25/2004=================
Other breeding birds in our yard (Ellis Hollow Rd, Atlas Block #3769B) are :
Downy Woodpecker, Hairy Woodpecker, Cardinal, chipping sparrows, 
catbirds, chickadee, housewren,  (nesting or fledglings observed)
and suspected breeders *Red-breasted Nuthatch,* White-Breasted Nuthatch, 
red-bellied woodpecker. Rose-br grosbeaks are around but no fledglings 
observed yet. The *banded red-breasted nuthatch resident all winter is 
the one that appears to be nesting in the spruce trees--have heard 
babies but not seen them yet. *

Nari Mistry
Ellis Hollow Rd.


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