Yesterday afternoon shortly before 5pm I was on the Cayuga Waterfront Trail 
where it crosses Fall Creek on a green suspension bridge between the end of 
Pier Road and the western corner of Renwick Wildwood. There’s a pole with an 
Osprey platform just west of that bridge (it’s not on the Osprey Trail map, and 
I don’t know its name). If I recall correctly, last year it looked like a nest 
there would be occupied (sticks being brought, Osprey frequently standing on 
them), but then it was abandoned. I wondered if there was too much human 
activity directly underneath. It’s a popular fishing spot. This year on my 
sporadic observations I had not seen any Osprey at this platform until 
yesterday afternoon, when I saw an Osprey glide in and alight on the nest. I 
had just enough time to think, “Wow, I must tell Candace!” before a second 
Osprey followed, but instead of perching, it descended toward the bird on the 
nest talons first. The occupant vacated pronto, flying upstream, while the 
evictor continued westward without even touching down. Maybe there are 
established Ospreys who don’t want certain other nearby platforms to be 

- - Dave Nutter


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