Too funny, John! I happened to check for it just yesterday too, for some
reason felt compelled to, though it had been a long time since I had. I was
able to photograph him, and he had his eyes open, as a delivery truck below
was unloading boxes for the store and making a racket. A low res photo
attached if people would like to see it.
At some point I'll try to compare this screech's markings to my photos of
the owl in there from last winter to see if anything seems to match up.
My apologies if sending an attachment is still discouraged.

On Tue, Nov 20, 2018 at 5:12 PM John Confer <> wrote:

> It is back, or at least another gray phase bird is back in the same hole.
> In the northwestern corner of the parking area for Slaterville's Dandy
> Market, the bird was there yesterday (Monday). It is back in the same hole
> which has had a screech for at least three years. In the past I recall it
> sitting with only its head in the opening. This time almost its entire body
> was visible, including a white v in the lower part of the chest.
> I use Dandys several times a week and check the hole every time. I
> have not seen an owl in that cavity since last winter.
> hoot, hoot
> John Confer
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