Thurs. afternoon 3/28/19, Becky Sewell & I birded Rte. 90 from Union 
Springs to 5 & 20, and 89 north to 31 (Mucklands where, for 35 min. we 
watched thousands of snow geese flying overhead towards Cayuga Lake). On 
the muck, are still many pintails & mallards. Coming back down 90 from 
Montezuma we went onto Laraway Rd. back to 5 & 20 to check the 4osprey 
nests but in all our travels, saw only one osprey .... at Harris Park in 

Thurs. night & Fri. a.m. we had strong winds from the south. Soooo ....

Friday, 3/29, traveling with  non-birders, I left Union Springs just 
after noon heading north on 90. *Bingo! *Two ospreys on the water tower 
nests across from US high school, one on 326/90 nest, again on 90, one 
at Connors Rd. & 2 on the nests north of the RR tracks south of Cayuga.

On 5 & 20 the first nest had one bird & another sat in a nearby tree. I 
suspect I would have found more had I been traveling alone or with Becky.

Occupied bald eagle nest in Union Springs area was confirmed on Sat. 

Here at home I have observed crows building in a spruce tree behind our 
house & next to our garden.

38 deg., brisk wind from the west with an occasional snowflake 
fluttering down, mixed with misty rain.

Fritzie B. Union Springs, NY

On 3/31/2019 9:47 AM, psaracin wrote:

> Thanks! Osprey are returning to their nests atop towers along rt. 5&20 
> on the Montezuma Refuge.
> Pete Sar
> Candace Cornell reported that Ophelia has now joined Orpheus at Salt 
> Point on Sat. 3/30/19.
> Salt Point Osprey Nest Camera is On-line!
> Salt Point Osprey Nest Cam <>_era_


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