Found FOY Scarlet Tanager on Orchard Trail (not far from parking lot) and a 
Bobolink on the north end of Orchard Trail about 2 PM Friday afternoon. Also 
had Blue-headed Vireo & Blackburnian Warbler on Ridge Trail (and lots of RB 
Grosbeaks & B. Orioles. Nashville Warblers near both e. Tyre Rd & rte 89 
parking lots. Lots of YRWA & YEWA everywhere.

2 Mute Swans were at the Visitor Center Pool, 2 Trumpeters at May's Point & 6 
Swans (at least 2 were Mute) at Knox-Marsellus.

Male & Female Prothonotary Warblers were active at the Armitage Rd box (west of 
canal bridge) along with numerous Am Redstarts & RB Grosbeaks.


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