Hi Sandra,

I’m so glad to read about your evening!  You had so many high-quality
moments with exciting birds!  (I was also glad to read about that
unexpected Green Heron moment you had last week!)

I hope all is well with you.  My family and I are staying productive and
happy together and well so far, with some time for birding too, as you may
have read here on the listserv.  I will miss seeing you on the Spring Bird
Quest, but I will look forward to your further reports!

I still think of that birding walk that you and my son Tilden and I had at
Hammond Hill, especially your extremely helpful and memorable advice about
various paths one can take with a law degree.  Tilden remains very
interested in policy, especially on energy and the environment.  He seems
to be settling on economics as his major.  He also has a climate-change
policy internship this summer with an NGO in California.  Beyond that, he
hasn’t yet decided on his academic and professional directions – but he
still has lots of time to decide and even to change his mind completely
(just finished first year as an undergrad).

Stay well and stay in touch,


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I birdied Monkey Run tonight, May 13, from about 6-7:15 p.m.  It was a
lovely evening, and the trails were full of birds.  The highlights were a
veery pair and a flock of warblers, including yellow, yellow-rumped, and a
very cooperative black-throated blue (male). Great crested flycatcher,
sapsuckers galore, a pair of orioles, a chattering belted kingfisher, and
the usual repertoire of woodpeckers, catbirds, and red-winged blackbirds
rounded out the evening.  And a chorus of spring peepers to escort me back
to my car.

Sandra Babcock


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