Inspired by Dave Nutter's post about warblers along the Black Diamond
Trail, Ken and I decided to walk a section of the Black Diamond trail that
is accessible from a parking area above the Cayuga Nature Center. Right
away we started seeing/hearing yellow warblers, catbirds, yellowthroats and
song and field sparrows. But also a gorgeous Cape May warbler in a tree
right at the parking area.
On the Black Diamond trail we ran into our first large mixed warbler flock
of this spring. Lots of yellow-rumps, but also Nashville, Black-throated
Green, Northern Parula, Redstart, Chestnut-sided, Palm and Magnolia
warblers busily foraging. So fun to see them flitting through the trees,
though they were mostly backlit from our vantage point.  We also heard our
first Red-eyed Vireo of the year, heard a drumming Ruffed Grouse and saw a
Veery. On our way back we had very close views of 2 Northern Parulas
foraging for insects in the new leaves of a small maple! In all, we found
54 species on our 2.6 mile round-trip walk.

Good birding,
Diane Morton


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