That nest on that platform over those lights over Union Fields in Cass Park had 
2 Ospreys sitting on it this afternoon as I walked by on the Black Diamond 
Trail about 2:30pm. The birds were across from each other, not snuggling nor 
obviously ecstatic, but clearly they knew & accepted each other, so it looks 
like a mated pair has returned. 

Three hours later, when I walked south along the Cayuga Waterfront Trail, the 
nest was not occupied, but there was an Osprey perched in each of 2 separate 
arrays of lights over the fields. Maybe they aren’t quite used to being 
together yet. Or maybe they aren’t quite used to the little kids and their 
parents setting up to practice soccer at what looked to me like a respectful 
distance from the nest. I think the Ospreys will get used to the situation and 
get to business quickly. At least the Fish Crows were no longer playing on the 

None of the nests around Allan Treman State Marine Park had any Ospreys nearby: 
not the platform in the middle of the field northwest of the marina near the 
lakeshore, not the platform closer to Taughannock Boulevard and the Hangar 
Theatre, not the platform at the northwest corner of Newman Golf Course across 
Cayuga Inlet from the Treman boat ramp. However, I did briefly see an Osprey 
over the marina as I arrived and much later I heard a couple of chirps. 

Of course these observations are from the guy who yesterday walked past the 
west side of the Children’s Garden about the same time Duane saw an Osprey 
flying across the road and water on the Garden’s  east side, and later failed 
to notice an Osprey off of Stewart Park when Suan was there. Birds are mobile 
and sneaky.

- - Dave Nutter

> On Mar 28, 2023, at 4:31 PM, Colleen Richards <> wrote:
> There was definitely one, and possibly a second osprey on the field lights 
> platform over the baseball diamond at the base of the Black Diamond trail 
> this morning.


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