Dear Mark,

XDS does not run on Windows, and even if you take your mtz-file home from the 
synchrotron nowadays, you sometimes may want to re-refine some data set.

Windows also costs a lot of money, and if you do a lot of scripting, Windows 
may be cumbersome. WinCoot is also often mentioned with difficulties that 
don't occur with Coot. If you like incremental backups to save disk space and 
time, I am not sure rsnapshot/rsync works with a Windows file system. 

A windows machine may also impede data exchange with other institutions. Eg. 
downloading data from is based on rsync, and if I 
gave you my usb-stick, Windows would only attempt to format it (well, same 
would most likely happen with Mac OS X).

One caveat though: the MS Office version for Mac does not read OpenOffice 
Format, so I was told.


On Friday, October 14, 2016 05:14:46 PM Mark J van Raaij wrote:
> Dear All,
> our institution requires me to provide a reasoning not to buy a Windows
> computer (I want to buy a new MacOSX system), so I am looking for software
> that does not run or is limited on Windows.
> Not available:
> (Auto)SHARP
> Available on Windows but with significant limitations
> Phenix (no MR-Rosetta, no parallelization)
> CCP4 (limitations on file-names)
> Please correct me if pertinent and provide additional examples if possible.
> Gratefully yours,
> Mark
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