I’ve made simple native Windows programs in fortran. There are proper compilers 
that run without the hassle of crosscompiling.


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Onderwerp: Re: [ccp4bb] Structural biology software that does not run on 
Windows or gives important Windows-specific problems

How about the ability to compile code? Are there decent compilers readily 
available for Windows? I like being able to write & compile the occasional 
fortran program {hic sunt dinosaurs}, and it’s easy to do this on a unix-based 
platform like OSX.

If your reasoned arguments fail, I have found that many institutions' 
information technology administrators are easily intimidated by a few random 
references to unix (Rsync! Grep! Bash!). Such words seem to function as charms 
that keep evil spirits (i.e. IT administrators) at bay.

> On 14 Oct 2016, at 11:14 AM, Mark J van Raaij <mjvanra...@cnb.csic.es> wrote:
> Dear All,
> our institution requires me to provide a reasoning not to buy a Windows 
> computer (I want to buy a new MacOSX system), so I am looking for software 
> that does not run or is limited on Windows.
> Not available:
> (Auto)SHARP
> Available on Windows but with significant limitations
> Phenix (no MR-Rosetta, no parallelization)
> CCP4 (limitations on file-names)
> Please correct me if pertinent and provide additional examples if possible.
> Gratefully yours,
> Mark
> Mark J van Raaij
> Dpto de Estructura de Macromoleculas
> Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia - CSIC
> calle Darwin 3
> E-28049 Madrid, Spain
> tel. (+34) 91 585 4616
> http://wwwuser.cnb.csic.es/~mjvanraaij

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