I think you need to ask a few questions before you toss that kind of nonsense 

For your info - this is a hobby. It is done in spare time. The time period you 
speak of - the archives have NOT been lost. Because unlike what you intone - we 
do care. Those archives are safe and sound, just not in a publicly accessible 
format. One of our kind listmembers has been working for eons to reconstruct 
the publicly viewable content from them.

I will tell him that you are going to volunteer to help him.


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Subject: Where are the cctech archives before November 2014 ?


I detected that links I had to previous postings where invalid. Looking at

I see that the archives before November 2014 are lost. When I look into the 
WayBackMachine I see

that between October 25th. 2014 and January 3rd, 2015 some incident happened 
which wiped out the archives before November 2014.

How comes that the 'classical computing' lost it's memory ??

         With best regards,   Walter

P.S.: It's a bit astonishing to me that a list like cctech, which is
       in some ways about history, has lost it's own history, and even
       doesn't seem to care about it.

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