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Just curious, what was the incident that happened?

- J.
I think the mail server VM or NAS took a powder around Nov 2014. Jay was actually working for a living and had to do late nights and the like to get his restores over to new hardware sooner than anticipated, as there was a mail server migration going on. This is the short of it. Look at the threads after you download from the following link and read, and then ask questions. There were a lot of things echoing thru to today. But the list is good, and the archives are complete to 1997.

Go to this archive.org link for the most complete from 1997 thru Jan 2012.


Thanks to John S posting, as I don't know exactly who that was, but at that time, he found a fairly completely populated page capturing most of the gzip files. Some months didn't grab them, but this page seemed to be pretty complete.

John S
Subject: cctalk archive back to 1997 on Wayback machine
Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2014 10:39:19 +0000

Next go to the link below, and the gz file from Jan 2012 thru Oct 2014 will be present. This is about the time of the gap.


Then you can fill from the current cctalk archive, which starts @ Nov 2014.

If anyone has prior to 1997 archived, it isn't online that I've found yet.


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