Got a little further.  The keyboard was definitely jammed.  I pulled the 
carriage over to the right and noted there's a bar on the left side that a 
piece of metal attached to the carriage belt hits, I assume triggering 
something.  Doesn't work.. the bar is stuck.  At any rate, I put the metal 
piece over it and the carriage returned on its own (spring action).  I then 
wound the motor some more and got a bell sound.  After that, the keys started 
to work properly -- I can see the little arms (code bars?) changing as each key 
is pressed.

Thought maybe if the keyboard was jammed that might short the motor.. but still 
blows out fuses.

AFAIK the unit was working before it was shipped, sort of.  The seller 
mentioned powering it up and doing a carriage return successfully before 
shipping.  I'm inclined to think something happened during shipping.  

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