It would actually be coming from the motor not the reader.  The motor for
the papertape reader is either in the pedestal (if your ASR is on one) or
somewhere in the UCC-6 (the power supply).  You have to follow the cable
that comes from the reader along the rim of the chassis.

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> Good question.  I only thought motor because it seemed like the noise was
> from back there.  And when I put a plastic tool against the outer casing, I
> could feel a vibration.  But now I'm wondering about that paper tape
> reader.. when I listened to the noise again it did kinda sound like it
> might be coming from over there.  It's kind of diffuse.
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> stupid question - you're certain the motor is making the buzz and not the
> reader motor or somewhere on the UCC-6?
> Bill

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