SOL-20s have been all over the map.  Ive seen similar units diverge by as much 
as $500 for nothing obvious I can see.  The average for unknown, complete, 
decent cosmetic condition seems to be around $900. With extras probably $1300?

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Subject: Reasonable price for a complete SOL-20 system? 

I have an opportunity to make a "reasonable offer" on a fairly complete SOL-20 
system. It would include a floppy drive cabinet and some software, but no 
monitor. It's a "working when retired" system, so I assume that the keyboard 
has died of old age and some capacitors might have dried out; none of that 
bothers me, but it implies that it's probably not a turnkey system. I have to 
make the offer or not by tonight, based on when the owner is leaving on a road 
trip that will pass near me, with or without the system loaded up in his RV.

Now the problem is that I haven't been following SOL-20 prices, so I don't know 
what a reasonable offer might be. The only prices I'm aware of are the various 
buy-it-now prices I see on eBay, some or all of which I suspect are from 
sellers looking for top dollar and then some.

If any of y'all can help me figure out a reasonable price range for a 
complete-ish but not necessarily running SOL-20 system, I would appreciate that.

Mark J. Blair, NF6X <>

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