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>> SOL-20s have been all over the map.  Ive seen similar units diverge by as 
>> much as $500 for nothing obvious I can see.  The average for unknown, 
>> complete, decent cosmetic condition seems to be around $900. With extras 
>> probably $1300?
> Thanks for your data point! That's not as expensive as I was worried it might 
> be.
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Keep in mind since it's not currently confirmed working that effects the price. 
 If there is no scratches or rust on the system it will be worth more can be a 
lot more, minimum 1000 to 1500 in non working condition.  Early Sol-20 were 
rust buckets both on the case and the chassis.  I usually can find non working 
rust bucket for about $500.   I can usually get them working on a few hours.   
A really good condition with manuals and confirmed working Sol-20 currently 
sell for more than 2k.   Monitors don't count and can be found cheaply.  Heck I 
used a $100 LCD screen mounted on the wall for the longest time with one so I 
wouldn't scratch the perfect top on one of. One.  

The disk drive can really affect value.  If it's a Northstar system, then maybe 
add 400 bucks the most.  If it's a Helios.  A working drive can be priceless if 
the drive is still the original Persci one.  Non-working Helios can be like a 
trip to vegas.  They have a glass voice coil which tend to damage if not 
shipped correctly and plastic eject gears that split.  I would pay about 1k to 
1500 for a non-working Helios including the two cards depending on the 
condition of the case.  I generally assume a non working drive as a core drive 
for parts and if the glass isn't broken and the gears aren't split it's a 
candidate for a complete overhaul including bearings and that takes time and 
skill.  I've been working on one on and off for about a year now, putting a few 
hours in every few weeks or so.  

I couldn't even venture to guess the price of a working Helios.  There are less 
of them around than fingers on my hand and toes on my feet.   

A few more things to note.  Assume the keyboard needs new foam, no big deal.  
Check the wood to make sure it's not cracked.  And make sure you have the 
personality module included.  

Good luck,

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