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Hi all,
anybody has any experience with that:


The device may be great, but their website is a script-laden dumpster fire. According to Lynx it has no non-script text to even render. Firefox with NoScript enabled renders a blank page as well.

I noticed that too, I keep a copy of Chrome around for just such horrid sites. There's really no reason for it.

Regardless, this looks pretty exciting to me, as I get ready to repair the board on my ST251-1, I wonder how much longer the old drive can realistically last.

I wonder if they can put a small speaker on the board to emulate the sounds of an ST251, because damn, this drive sure does like to talk to you. Much like an AirCooled Volkswagen, the first time you use it, you think it's going to blow up, then the crazy noises become the thing that let you know everything is working as it should....but I digress.

Agree it's a little pricey, but, in the end almost certainly worth it. I spent far more on my first 20GB 7200RPM IDE Drive. Also, have you priced a NOS MFM hard drive lately? Can you find one? There's joy in keeping all the original stuff running, but at some point that becomes unfeasable -- we're not there yet, but in 10 or 15 years this may prove to have been a good investment.


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