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Hi all,
anybody has any experience with that:


Yes, I'm currently in the process of getting the DREM working with a Tandy 6000 
and Xenix.  ...
About $250?   Wish it were half that.  Seems like they could sell more than 
twice as many at half the price, and more than 4 times as many at 1/4th the 
Really?  Come on guys, this stuff costs $$’s to produce and they may actually 
want to make some profit.  If you’re doing small volume stuff (10’s-100’s vs 
100,000’s - 1,000,000’s) it’s going to be a bit pricey.  Frankly, to get the 
price to drop to half ($125), you’d probably have to get 10x-100x quantity 
increase.  I know because I face the same thing when trying to produce my 
boards.  Assembly will typically double the cost of the board + components.


TTFN - Guy

Just saying, it'd be nice if the price could be much lower, as it's way beyond 
my budget at this point in life.    Realized after posting that it doesn't 
scale down pricewise linearly due to the fixed materials cost + well-deserved 
profit margin.  Without knowing those numbers, can't accurately speculate.  But 
I do think that in some cases, more *total profit* could be had by a lower 

- J.

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