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>>> On Oct 17, 2016, at 1:31 PM, Dave Wade <dave.g4...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> I’ll likely be getting at least 3 of them (1 for the IBM 3174 and 2
>>>>> for my Symbolics 3640 and possible another 2 for my other Symbolics
>> 3640).
>>> I gather that some one has the Dave Gershwin board working with a 3174.
>> Was that you.
>>> You also need 2.88 format for the 3174 floppies. Any one modified any
>>> of the floppy emulators To work at this density.
>> Yes, that’s me but I have had issues with the emulator starting up reliably 
>> so
>> that the 3174 boots.
> So still not fixed?

Nope.  Lots of other projects (including work and a major kitchen remodel).  ;-)

>> Actually, the format is 2.4MB (2x 1.2MB).  It’s a 5-1/4” format instead of a 
>> 3-
>> 1/2” format.
> Sorry been working on my PC Server 500, I assume the data rate is double, so 
> the existing devices are not easily modified?

I don’t know.

One of my other distractions is trying to get OS/2 (any version) installed on 
my xSeries 232 so that I can run it as a P/390 and everything is fighting me on 
that (bad RAID controller, to it not wanting to boot off of a floppy).  I 
finally gave up and purchased a copy of eComStation but that kernel panic’d 
somewhere during installation.  I haven’t even had time to put in a support 
call.  :-(

Oh and did I mention that I’ve acquired (just need to move it) an IBM 4331 
mainframe including *all* of the peripherals (3340 disk drives + lots of packs, 
1403 printer, IBM tape drives, card reader/punch, 029 keypunch, manuals, 
terminals, etc, etc)?

TTFN - Guy

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