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> The Imlac uses a Winchester connector (14 position) for the display and
> while they're not as common these days the parts can still be found so I
> thought I was in the clear, but what I failed to notice is that three of
> the "pins" (for the X, Y and Blank signals) are actually tiny coaxial
> connectors that fit within the Winchester housing (i.e. they're the same
> diameter as a Winchester pin).

What is a "Winchester connector"?  Do you mean a D-sub connector, i.e., with a 
trapezoidal shell such as you find on terminal or VGA connectors?  Those come 
in a number of widths, with names like DE (for the VGA size), or DB (the 25 pin 
classic RS-232), and so forth.  Often, incorrectly, all are called DB.

Those shells have a variety of choices for pins.  They may be two rows of pins 
(e.g., DB-25), or 3 rows (e.g., DE-15).  You may also find ones that have just 
miniature coax inserts, or a mix of coax and plain pins.  The coax inserts are 
generally larger, such that it takes up much of the height of the connector.  I 
haven't seen coax pins that are the same diameter as plain signal pins, that's 
rather hard to imagine especially for something as old as an Imlac.  Examples 
of mixed pin D-sub connectors are the Sun video monitor connectors, with RGB on 


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