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The Imlac uses a Winchester connector (14 position) for the display and
while they're not as common these days the parts can still be found so I
thought I was in the clear, but what I failed to notice is that three of
the "pins" (for the X, Y and Blank signals) are actually tiny coaxial
connectors that fit within the Winchester housing (i.e. they're the same
diameter as a Winchester pin).
What is a "Winchester connector"?  Do you mean a D-sub connector, i.e.,
with a trapezoidal shell such as you find on terminal or VGA connectors?
Those come in a number of widths, with names like DE (for the VGA size), or
DB (the 25 pin classic RS-232), and so forth.  Often, incorrectly, all are
called DB.

Those shells have a variety of choices for pins.  They may be two rows of
pins (e.g., DB-25), or 3 rows (e.g., DE-15).  You may also find ones that
have just miniature coax inserts, or a mix of coax and plain pins.  The
coax inserts are generally larger, such that it takes up much of the height
of the connector.  I haven't seen coax pins that are the same diameter as
plain signal pins, that's rather hard to imagine especially for something
as old as an Imlac.  Examples of mixed pin D-sub connectors are the Sun
video monitor connectors, with RGB on coax.


Like one of these bad-boys, only with 14 connectors rather than 34:


Sorry for not being more specific.  The coax connectors in a 13W3 connector
(for example) are much larger than what I need.

- Josh
Try Electro Mavin. He's been buying and squirreling away connectors for 40 or 50 years. I don't know any other vendor with as much stock as he has.

You may need to bull your way thru to him or his daughter or other person in the know for connectors, but he is your best shot.


I've seen him pay serious money for connectors at various swap meets around LA and in other transactions where connectors were up for grabs.


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