I have found that metal PS/2 keys work as well, if your are not insistant
on historical purity.  I, personally, have always prefered functionality over


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Those keys are common across nearly all DEC machines prior to the ones that
started using plastic keys.  XX2247 is the code.  -- Ian

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> Hi List!
>       Movin right along.
>  Programmers console now properly attached to light screening bar.
> Front panel and bezel on. Needs a bit more work.
> Not as secure or as straight as I would like.
> Then there's the key lock problem.
> Its in the off position and of course I don't have the key.
> So I cant fit that just now.
> Took power supply out. Changed mains cable as it was only a foot long.
> Soldered to the circuit breaker was a factory standard would you believe.
> Power supply back in. Connect up. Power on. Load address 0000, press CLEAR
> and CONT.
> Test program still in core. Started right up.
> To-days task get the serial I/O going.
> Rod in Restore Mode
> .--
> Wanted one pdp-8/i rocker switch leaver to copy.

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