Note: TU58 (variant of DC100 tape) to my knowledge was never used with PDP-8
in any flavor. There is no reason why not other than no driver and it 8bit only
and the blocking is 512bytes.

The 8bit part is solved by storing 2 words (12bit word) to 3 bytes (24bits).

It could be quite handy as a DECTape substitute.

As distribution it was the same as RX01 in size (256K max) and not cheaper.
it was more compact as a system loader typically used on VAX730 and PDT110.

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One other thing - I have a working TU58.
The two cassette drives in a box type with serial interface.
Now the pdp-8/e DECTapes were also called TU58.

The typical DECtapes used with the PDP-8 were TU56's, a completely
different (and much more rare) beast.

The M8650 is on the list of what you can connect it to.
So does the one substitute for the other and raise the possibility of
booting from tape?

No, they're not substitutes.  I'm not aware of any PDP-8 systems booting
and running from a TU58, but I suppose it's not impossible. Mostly the
problem with the TU58 at this point is that (a) the capstan rollers in your
drives are most likely tar, and (b) the rubber parts in the tape itself
have done the same, and (c) the tape itself probably isn't in great shape

- Josh


Mmm senior confusion.
Its a working TU58 - Restored including fixing the roller problem.
Runs on a PC OK.

Just fixed the echo test problem.
RS232 on M8650 needed a jumper E-M on board or plug.

So now to check out that  rim loader stuff.
Its in C but I can get round that problem.


Wanted one pdp-8/i rocker switch leaver to copy.

For verily, LINCtape begat DECtape, and DECtape begat DECtape II.  LINCtape
and DECtape were legitimate backing store, DECtape II was a cheap way of
delivering software updates.

And since when is C a 'problem'?  :-)  -- Ian

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