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> Hi folks,
> Managed to rescue a Compaq Deskpro EN from the scrap pile at work today
> and realised it has a proper floppy controller so I can install a 5.25”
> drive.
> Trouble is ftp.compaq.com <http://ftp.compaq.com/> has disappeared so
> getting drivers for win98 is going to be difficult unless I have them at
> work on old driver CDs. archive.org <http://archive.org/> has a mirror of
> the whole ftp site but it’s 220gb and I’m not sure my little 150mb/s web
> connection will download that in less than a month :)
> Did anyone else grab it before it disappeared?

I've found it at
http://web.archive.org/web/20051120074512/http://ftp.compaq.com:80/ -- and
that allows you to descend into subdirectories just like on a real FTP site.

I'm guessing the one-file download you mentioned was at
https://archive.org/details/ftp.compaq.com. That page offers a torrent,
which gives you another way of downloading either the whole thing or just
parts: you can open that torrent file in a decent BitTorrent client but,
instead of starting to download the whole thing, go into the list of files
included and just check off the ones you want to download and keep the rest

> cheers,
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