On Tue, 8 Aug 2017, Adrian Graham wrote:
of the whole ftp site but it?s 220gb and I?m not sure my little 150mb/s web connection will download that in less than a month :)

You should think about the proper usage of units...

If "gb" is gigabytes, then "mb" is megabytes. With a 150 megabytes/s link downloading the whole archive should be very comfortable. OTOH if "mb" is megabits, then with 220 gigabits, it isn't that a huge archive. In addition to that, "m" (minuscule M) stands for "milli", "M" (majuscule M) stands for "mega" and "G" for giga, so 150mb/s would be 150 millibytes/second. Oh yes, "bytes" is abbreviated with a majuscule B.
==> 220 GB, 150 Mbits/s



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