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> > Anyone out there do Alphas anymore?
I am working through some new to me VAX/Alphas/QBUS parts from the other

 I also have some new-to-me smaller VAX and an Alpha 3000 or two. Some of
these need new homes.  I was thinking of hosting a VAX/Alpha workshop at or
near my house in the Newark, Delaware, USA area next month.  I have plenty
of machines and parts for anyone interested who'd like to participate.
More details coming.

I have VMS and DECUNIX machines running here at my house, and few with
FQDS's personally I think they're worth preserving.  I have written about
them here in the past (when I needed help). I am relatively new to the VMS
world but gaining experience.  I have a smattering of actual work
experience in VMS back when these were current and from college.


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